Première session de formation : Ilion, Grèce.

Du 26 au 28 novembre 2019, la robotique a été mise à l’honneur au 9th Gymnasium d’Ilion. Au cours de ces 3 jours, une vingtaine d’enseignants de toutes les disciplines se sont retrouvés pour une session de formation ou de remise à niveau en robotique et en programmation informatique.

Ce fut intense mais également très convivial. La vidéo ci dessous vous permettra de prendre connaissance du déroulé de cette activité. Tous nos remerciements à l’équipe grecque pour son accueil. Bon visionnage.


From November 26 to 28, 2019, robotics was honored at 9th Gymnasium in Ilion. During these 3 days, about twenty teachers from all disciplines met for a training session or upgrade in robotics and computer programming.

It was intense but also very friendly. The video below will allow you to become acquainted with the progress of this activity. Our thanks to the Greek team for its welcome. Good viewing.


“Des robots pour collaborer, communiquer et partager : Des langages pour se comprendre et entreprendre”.

“Robots to collaborate, communicate and share: Languages to understand and to undertake”.


1st LTT activity for short term joint staff training events in the 9th Gymnasium of Ilion-Greece 

November 26 to 28  2019


On December 26th to 28th  2019 our Erasmus+ transnational project mobility took place in Ilion-Greece, the host school being the 9th Gymnasium of Ilion.

Participating teachers

French partners – Co-ordinating school, 

Mr. Bruno Vuillemin

Ms. Gwenaelle Moro

Ms. Muriel Palcy

Ms. Hélène Coste

Polish partners

Alicja Citko

Anna Stankiewicz

Jerzy Sulżyk 

Hungarian partners

Kissné Lantos Éva

Csiháné Pálinkás Krisztina

Kulcsárné Toroczkai Gabriella Dóra

Greek partners

Mr Paraskevas Kalogiorgas

Mrs Alexandra Kotsikori

Mrs Nikoleta Boltsi

Mrs Eva Fatsea

Mrs Theodora Belezoni

Mr Pavlos Ioannidis

The Czech Republic partners

Mrs  Hana Šandová

Mrs Olga Kosíková

Spanish partners

Maria Guijarro 

Ismael Díez 

Joackin Diaz

          Tuesday, November 26, 2019 : Robotics

During their stay our partners from France, Hungary, Poland, Spain and the Czech Republic participated in various activities concerning our program, met with teachers and students of our school and they had the chance to know about the Greek culture and history as well as doing some sightseeing. 

On the first day after each team presenting themselves, we participated in a STEM seminar by the organization STEM education. 

This gave us the opportunity to become aware of the    basics of Robotics, assemble an EV3 robot as well as programming it in Makecode

We started by working on hands-on activities that include simple and more complicated constructions, to get accustomed to all Simple Machines (gears, pulleys, wheels and axles, levers) and practice the art of engineering in actual problem solving situations.  

We also created educational scenarios.          

After having lunch we proceeded in a workshop led by Mr Bruno Vuillemin the coordinator of our program. He explained the difference between a machine and a robot and we were given the definition of a sensor effector and processor. 

We opened our EV3 Robotic packs to become accustomed to all the different parts that compose a robot. Then we were informed about what inputs/outputs are.  Input usually refers to sensors, output usually refers to the motors of the robot’s joints. We  were also explained the difference between digital and analog with digital meaning for example to detect if a door is open or closed and analog meaning to detect the amount that the door is open or closed. After that we worked in international teams we constructed a robot step by step following detailed instructions. 





We were also introduced to Maxcotte. Maxcotte is a small robot our program’s mascot which will travel with each partner country in every mobility. In each partner country Maxcotte will have to travel and be photographed in various places of the host country. So the French team handed Maxcotte to the Greek team, the host country, to introduce it to Athens.   




 Wednesday, November 27, 2019: algorithmic and programming


Wednesday was dedicated to algorithmic discovery and programming the robots we assembled the previous day. 

Ms. Muriel Palcy explained to us how to build a simple program which would respond to instructions from proposed program blocks.


Therefore working in international teams we entered the program into the software and tested it.


After that each team was asked to create a simple program using sensors and effectors and load it into the robot to make it respond to the given instructions. A presentation of all the teams followed, each team being very proud of its achievement.




When the workshop finished we visited the Acropolis rock where our guest admired the unique splendor of the Parthenon temple, Erechtheion, Herodion theatre and the view of the capital. Then we visited the Acropolis Museum where they had the chance to be guided to the exhibits of the Acropolis and the surrounding area and learn about the history of Athens.


Later the Erasmus team dined at a restaurant where our guests tasted traditional Greek food.

  Thursday 28 November 2019: Robotics, Audiovisual and eTwinning


On Thursday Mr Ismael Diez the Spanish partner introduced us to the world of Microbit which is a very small and practical device, much faster than the original computers used in schools. It has 25 red LED lights that can flash messages and be used to create games. You can also use your Microbit for all sorts of unique creations, from robots to musical instruments and more. We were shown its basic commands, different ways to run the code(input commands), how to use variables etc. (you can find the presentation on twinspace        


Then Mr Bruno made a presentation  on audio visual productions, e-Twinning and it’s uses for the partners who weren’t so familiar with it. Press here to find how film and edit and audacity to find how to record and edit.  


After we had a meeting to discuss the various activities of our program to make sure that all the members have a clear view. We also set the dates of the next three mobilities. Hungary 17-20 February,

Poland 28-30 April and France 22-24 June. 



Lunch was provided at our school with Greek delicacies and then we went to the seaside suburb of Athens Palaio Faliro to walk along the beach and enjoy an Athenian sunset. 


We feel so lucky to participate at such an important program which will offer our students many useful abilities for their future.

Dear partners from France, Hungary, Poland, Spain and the Czech Republic thank you very much for sharing with us this wonderful and constructive week.


Alexandra Kotsikori

Contact person of the Greek team.